Haiti Missions

Laying the Foundation

In January 2010 a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti causing widespread devastation over the entire country. The death toll was beyond staggering with estimates of over 300,000 killed. The call for help was heard and in Quincy, Illinois, a mission team was formed, after much research we discovered there were no funds for building materials. Founders Mark and Chris Lawrence dreamt up a way to help. They took an ordinary 2x4 and asked friends and family to simply buy a 2x4 sign their names to it with a scripture or a message, and our organization was born. Initially 5 homes were built on that initial mission to Haiti. 


The Hope Latrine Project

Mission Projects

Building Homes


With the initial signed 2x4's we have built 5 homes and to this day those signed 2x4's show the signatures and messages of blessings from our community and around. We continue to help build houses in Haiti however we purchase materials locally to support their economy.

Hope Latrine


In August 2015 a cry for help came from Haiti in an effort to help solve the sanitation crisis. 2x4's for Hope responded by designing and producing the world's first composting, sustainable latrine built entirely by the Haitians.

Gift of Water


We partnered with the organization Gift of Water. Our continued efforts to provide good health is through proper sanitation and clean drinking water. The Gift of Water program and the latrine program run parallel to help solve this global problem.

Haitian Education


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Food Pantry


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Seed Program