Veterans Day Tiny Home Build 2018

Join us for the 2nd tiny home build for a local veteran. The build will be located at 1027 North 6th next to the first tiny home. Enclosed is the sign up genius link to volunteer

Veterans Projects

When we started our organization we had several initiatives that we knew we wanted to be able to help with. One of these initiatives was to help our veterans. At the time we had no idea how a 2x4 would help a veteran until we uncovered a story about a tiny home village for homeless veterans in Racine Wisconsin. We knew at that moment we wanted to offer our help by providing all the needed 2x4's to build these tiny homes. We donated over 1200 signed 2x4's to the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. We didn't stop there. We found another local veterans tiny home project in Kansas City, MO. We reached out to this group Veterans Community Project VCP. We explained to them we would like to help by providing enough 2x4's that would build 52 tiny homes.  In September 2016 we delivered 6000 2x4's to help build these tiny homes for VCP! As word was getting around what we had been doing to help these tiny home villages for homeless veterans other organizations started reaching out to us for our help by providing our 2x4's. To date we have donated over 12,000 signed 2x4's to these tiny home Veterans projects across the US.  Stay tuned for many opportunities to sign a 2x4 to help build a tiny home for a homeless veteran!!